Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Is Upon Us

The days are cooling down and my favorite time of the year is upon us. I love the fall season. Leaves start turning into their beautiful array of colors and I start thinking of roasted peanuts, baked sweet potatoes and the wonderful aromas that come from our homes during this time of year and the holidays.

I guess if I had to pick my favorite seasons it would be fall and spring. I can't tolerate cold weather and the heat makes me ill. It does seem however, that there isn't much of a break from one season to the next like I remember it being.

I've finally completed my sore muscle cream and am very happy with the outcome. A product worthy of my high standards. I gave out a few jars in a swap that I was in and here are a couple of comments on this product so I thought I would share my excitement with you. I am so pleased with the outcome of this product and very excited to know that I have a product that works. hopefully, this will give you an incentive to try this amazing product I do believe you will be amazed how well this works for any kind of ache or pain. It does wonders for my headaches as well.
ladysj, your Sore Muscle Butter is the BEST. Works fast, penetrates deep and the cool last a long time. I have already used up half the jar, excellent recipe.

I agree about ladysj's muscle cream... I use it on the back of my knee every night...feels great! Nice scent too.


GracefulHosting said...

Im gonna have to get some of that sore muscle cream from you. I bet it is amazing.

I like how your blog is coming along.

Let me know if you need anything.


Donna said...

Oh yeah! Sandra's sore muscle cream is great! You need to try it if you haven't yet!
I was one of the lucky participants who received a jar in a product swap. A little goes a long way, and it helps the little aches and pains I get with my knees (especially since the cold weather is here!)
Wonderful product Sandra!!